Friday, September 30, 2016

A Pillow for Fall : :

In keeping with Tuesday's pledge to turn the leftover blocks and bits from each new quilt top into a matching pillow before anything ends up in the scrap basket, I have another new pillow cover to share today. This one made from yesterday's Fall Vibes quilt top scraps!

A Fall Pillow from Scraps

Practically every part of this pillow, front and back, was created from the extra plus blocks that I made accidentally. I like to "stack and whack" multiple layers of each fabric print whenever I do lots of repetitive cutting, and sometimes a few extra strips and patches will end up in my chain-piecing piles. Those extras then result in extra blocks, but in this case it was a happy mistake! Since I didn't want to just simply sew those plus blocks together to create my matching pillow, I cut and pieced together something a little more creative that I'm really happy with!

A Pillow for Fall!

You can still see the plus block design, with quite a bit more scrappiness. The four Luminous Field floral squares that formed when I sewed my pieces together looks as if I'm looking out at window, at a beautiful Fall garden. I really love how it turned out!

Bound in Folk Plaid

A Fall Pillow Cover

Quilted with Aurifil

I had fun quilting this one heavily using the Juniper, a pretty blue-green shade, of Aurifil 50wt thread from my Bohemian Garden collection.

A Fall Pillow Cover

Quilted with Aurifil

I used one of the extra, complete plus block on the back. It's one of my favorites, so I was happy to have made too many. So often I love the way the backs of my pillows look just as much as I do the front, and this is definitely one of those times!

Plus Block Pillow Back

My denim and off-white Folk Plaid from my Limited Edition Wild & Free collection just seemed to go with the style and colors of this Fall-themed pillow. Luckily, I happened to have a little extra binding of this print already made, yay! And I really do love how it works especially with the rustic, Canyon Sunset heavyweight AGF Denim. This particular line of denims from the AGF Denim Studio if my favorite for pillow backs because it is so incredibly sturdy and well-made. I don't know about you, but the pillows in my house (of three kiddos) take quite the beating on pretty much a daily basis. If the back of the pillow is just a thin layer of quilting cotton it doesn't take long for it to look a little worn. When I don't have the time to heavily quilt the pillow back pieces the same way I typically quilt a pillow front, this denim is the perfect solution! I know it with endure the umpteen pillow fights and jumping piles and heaves to the floor, and that makes me happy!

Fall Pillow Back

After yesterday's response to my newest quilt, it's always nice to receive your kind comments, I will definitely put together a quick tutorial to share for those of you wanting to make your own Fall Vibes quilt, thanks for that! Just don't forget to make a few extra blocks for a matching pillow of you own!

♡ Maureen  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Fall Vibes Quilt Top : :


Immediately after I sewed the very last seam of my Fall Vibes quilt top, I took it outside, Wonder clipped it to the clothesline and snapped a few photos. I couldn't wait to step back to see it all finished. The afternoon sun was perfect and lit up the delicate pieced together fabrics like a stained glass window. I could have marveled at the light glazing through these colorful fabrics, shifting in the wind, for hours. It was so beautiful. I had hoped to get better photos to share this week, somewhere away from home with Potter County as my backdrop per usual, but the days that have followed that sunny afternoon have been both dreary and busy, so I decided to share these first photos today instead. I hope you like them!

Fall Light

Fall Vibes Quilt 3

Fall Vibes Quilt Top n

This is the first quilt I've made combining prints from all of three of my Art Gallery collections -- Wild & Free, Fleet & Flourish, and Nightfall. I love how they look together! Especially with the very first floral fabric I ever created, my Luminous field print, as the main color palette inspiration for this quilt. This one just feels special!

Fall Vibes Quilt Top

I think I might put together a quick tutorial for this plus block and quilt design to share sometime next week. Let me know if you're interested!

XX Maureen

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

From Scraps : :

I've always stored my fabric scraps in one big basket. All of the collections I use and all of the colors mix together. It has never once occurred to me to store them any differently. When the basket looks full, I bundle up the scraps to offer in a destash. Waste not, want not, right?! Well, when you love making stuff, as I clearly do, it doesn't take long for a big basket of scraps to become a heaping mess. So in an effort to control the overflow, I've decided that with each newly finish quilt top, I'll make a matching pillow from scraps before moving onto the next collection and project. I'm not sure how long this will last, but I promise to give it a good try!

First up, an Observer pillow!

Observer Pillow from Scraps

I still had several 8" HST units leftover from making two new quilt tops using this collection -- Diamond Trails and Chevron Angle, in case you missed them! Using those scraps, along with the Observer drawstring backpack scraps and a variation of one of my favorite pillow patterns, the the Hip Holiday Quilted Patchwork Pillow tutorial I designed for ThermoWeb, I made a large 18" quilted pillow cover.

Observer Pillow from Scraps

I love the colors of this collection so much! The smoky blue and mustard yellow combo will forever be one of my favorites. Since the Observer HST scraps that I used for the pillow top had just one yellow print, I decided to quilt this pillow using the same yellow color Aurifil 50wt thread from my Bohemian Garden thread collection to match!

Quilted with Yellow Aurifil

I finished the pillow with a very scrappy pieced together back, including the very last of those HSTs, hooray!

Observer - Scrappy Pillow Back

Art Gallery's Solid Smooth Denims pair so perfectly with this collection, I decided to finish this pillow off with quilt binding in my personal favorite denim, Cool Foliage!

Observer Pillow

This pillow is being added to the pile of finished pillows I've been collecting to offer in a sale a little closer to the holidays. I really love how it turned out and it makes me extra delighted knowing I made it all from scraps!

Happy sewing!  ♡ Maureen  

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Vibes : :

I love to match my quilt-making with the seasons! Pastel quilts in the Spring inspired by the lengthening sunsets, the rebirth of each bloom, and the freshness of the leaves. Colorful, happy quilts in the Summer to remind me of the golden sunshine and the beautiful flowers that the garden gives that time of year. And now, as Autumn is setting in once again, I have to confess that it's my most favorite! All year long I look forward to the family of pumpkins and containers of mums that will take over our front porch. The warm yellow, orange-red palette is calling me to make a quilt, and so...

Fall Inspired Quilt Bundle

Fall Quilt Cutting

Always Exciting!

Lots of 3" patches

Chain Piecing

Assembly Line

9" Plus Blocks

Eight-one Plus Blocks

Eighty-one Plus quilt blocks later, after a weekend spent cutting and chain-piecing here and there, I am already in the final stages of making my first quilt top for this new season that is just beginning! This one really came together so much faster and easier than I thought it would. A simple quilt with lots and lots of color!

I'll be back soon with a finished quilt top to share!

XX Maureen

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Chevron Angle Quilt Top : :

Observer Quilt 2

I'm so excited to share my second Observer fabrics quilt top today! I had previously blogged that I was planning another Diamond Weave quilt with the large HSTs I had leftover from making my first Observer quilt top, Diamond Trails. The make eight at a time half square triangle method yielded a hefty stack of extras that I couldn't let go to waist!

Observer Quilt Making

To help me calculate just how much and of which prints I would need to turn these HSTs into a new Diamond Weave I started to make a quick mockup of the pattern. As I was playing I stumbled upon a new design idea that I loved just as much, but all that was needed were just 8" square patches to pair with the already made HSTs. Easy & fast!

Here you can see both the grid I made of the fabric placement layout and the digital quilt pattern.

Observer Quilt Plan

Following the diagram, I cut my squares and sewed my quilt top together in just a couple of hours and I love how it turned out!

Observer Quilt 5

Observer Quilt 1

These prints blend together so seamlessly you can barely see the quilt block seams!

Observer Quilt No. 2

Observer Quilt 3

Both of the Observer quilt tops I made measure 62" x 74." Here's a reminder of the first one incase you missed it!

Observer Quilt Top

Now I've successfully utilized every last 8" HST I initially made, using the last four in a pillow I hope to finish this afternoon to share next week, hooray!

♡ Maureen  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drawstring Backpacks : :

In between all the quilt top making, and the birthday crown making, and the just generally sitting around admiring all the beautiful fabrics that keep arriving from Art Gallery Fabrics, I've been sewing up a few new Quick Quilt As You Go drawstring backpacks. I can't tell you how much I love my own drawstring backpack, I take it everywhere! They're such fun to make, and have the potential to be a great stash-buster! I keep thinking I'll use up as much of the stash as possible whenever I decide to make more, but these new collections just pull me right in! And, then at least I don't have to refold and refuss with trying to stack and keep my stash all color-coded and pretty, right!?

Pretty Lace Drawstring Backpack

This first one features prints from both my Nightfall and Fleet & Flourish collections, with a few added coordinating AGF prints, denim, and vintage lace embellishments. I've been using these sweet colors so much lately, in both my recent Reverie and Nightland quilt tops. This color combination will always be one of my favorites!

Pretty Lace Drawstring Backpack

Stripey Back

Lacy & Herringbone Backpack

Then yesterday I made this Observer fabrics & denim drawstring backpack and I completely fell in love! It's so prefect for Fall! These prints and colors work so well for this style of bag.

Observer & Denim Backpack

Observer Backpack Tabs

Observer Drawstring Backpack

Observer Stripey Backpack Back

I'll have to make another for sure! But first, I had started a second Observer fabric quilt immediately after finishing my first one, but shelved it when it was feeling a bit too much like the one I had just made. The excitement over this backpack, with a few weeks break, and a new quilt pattern plan has me ready to finish it up. It should hopefully come together quick, be back soon!

♡ Maureen